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We’re so glad you’ve landed on this page, because that means you are taking a massive positive action towards your health, happiness and most of all personal peace in 2021!

It’s time to begin the rebuild together.

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Me Time


If you’re already a member of the group and you’ve put your name on the database to receive the sessions each month, then you’ve arrived here to let you know your ME TIME booking has gone through. We’ll get the notification and reach out to you within 48 hours (sooner if it’s not the weekend) to secure a time for the three of us to get stuck in with your ME TIME.

If you haven’t added your name to all the mailing list and facebook support group, then follow the next steps below.

STEP 1: Ensure you're on the mailing list

This next page will have the what happens next and it’s also the mailing list that you’ll receive the downloadable workbook this year and then the sessions in 2021.

STEP 2: Invitation to join the Facebook Support Group

The Facebook Group is part of the community to help with processing and another place where all the sessions will be stored for 2021. This is not mandatory to join, just if you’re looking for community and a place to process safely. 

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