Personal focus on your big picture

Me Time is Official

We’re both Mum’s and Wives and Business Owners, so we know first hand through our own individual journey’s what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to never be the centre of attention or the core focus on a big idea.

So many other things always comes first and you’ve probably found yourself saying that age old feminine by-passer “someone is always more worse off than me, I should just be grateful” …

Well guess what, we know, and we want to give you the time of day. Loads of it in fact. 

This is the place to join us as a person screaming for Me Time, wanting to plan, implement and debrief as you go. 

Me Time

Me Time Initial Consultation

Right, so you’re going to need to set aside two hours for this session, and it’s where you’re going to get the chance to purge everything out on the table about where you’re at, what’s brought you here to this point in your life, and where you want to be. We’re going to help you on the where to start part. 

What happens at an initial consult

This will be a zoom call with the three of us present and we will run through a signature process where we give you the opportunity to speak your truth in a non-judgemental environment where we spend the first part of the call listening, taking notes and holding space for you as you let it all out. We will ask questions, which for the first part, are going to seem so random, but that’s the genius of this process, we’ll show you how the puzzle pieces start to be placed in the right piles.

These sessions are ideal for people who

  • are sick and tired of the same old same old
  • ready to uplevel and make their wants, needs and desires in life a priority
  • Have complex life stories that need unravelling. 

What Happens Next…

Lisa and Amanda then go away and go through their arsenal of individual sessions that suit the reason for you reached out in the first place (eg Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, Relationships, Business and Career) and complete two recordings. 

They then also give you a report detailing recommended next steps and how to use the Tarot Tune Up to your advantage for the year ahead.

What happens after an initial consult?

This part is the gold. The Tarot Wisdom and Energy Healing is the secret ingredient. No matter where you are at on the implementer scale, these two elements combined with the brain dump take away the brain fog and the limiting beliefs holding you back. We know and understand the different personality types when it comes to taking action for yourself. We know that there’s some folks who will have that initial consult and feel like all that burden and pressure has been swept away, and they will go on to implement and beat the path to their own happy place. Meaning, that initial session will be enough. We also know that some things run so deep, extra work is required. That’s where our mentoring package can help.

Me Time

What Happens With Mentoring…

  • We meet twice a month in between the Tarot Tune Up New Moon and Full Moon sessions allowing up to two hours.
  • We debrief what’s going on in your world
  • Keep you on tract with your action list
  • Bring in an individual Tarot Reading and Energy Healing on the call for anything that feels stuck or hard to budge.
  • The sessions are recorded in case any gold is spoken to help you on your path forward.
  • Secures individual attention for you for a period of three months.
  • Together with the Tarot Tune Up, that’s 12 weeks of Me Time to support your life.

The biggest and most significant part – all the time is completely about you and what you want achieve. We talk, bringing issues to the surface and the blocks get swept away on every call in conjunction with the Tarot Tune Up sessions. It’s magical!


Me Time