Now is a better time as any to make you a priority

Since 2017 things have been showing up in our worlds that has culminated in 2020 taking us to places we didn’t think possible. Sure, we’ve learned about things that have happened in the ‘olden days’ in our history lessons, but it’s hard to find someone that thought that we would be living through matching situations here in the 21st century and two decades into it. We’ve been watching a crumbling of the same old same old, and it’s time for you to take stock of the choices you’ve made for your health and wellbeing and see where the same old same old is no longer cutting the mustard.

So much of life has shown us how much we really need to evolve exponentially to pretty much run screaming away from everything that has been exposed. We can’t sustain living the way we have because it means nothing changes.

By it’s very definition, evolution means slow change, and that’s where we want to secure a spot in your health and wellbeing team.

We’ve come up with something that will provide real support without isolating you from any of the choices that have accompanied you to this moment in time.

We’re going to be showing you a new way of joining the dots with Amanda’s unique energy healing process, once she receives the direction,  validation and clarity through a Tarot Card from the Light Seers Tarot Deck by Chris Anne for a specific Tarot Spread for the New Moon and the Full Moon each month. Together, the Astrology, Tarot and Energy Healing melds to put you on the very solid yellow brick road to meaningful ACTIONABLE healing.

We’d need to give you a big scientific lecture on what vibration can do within a physical body, and our voices hitting your ear drums and then reverberating through your body to find the energy blockages, but we’ll leave that with you and your best mate Google.

Now more than ever, as we evolve into this next phase of life where we are trying to say “post pandemic”, you want someone on your team to support you. Well, the Tarot Tune Up is the energetic love forming a trine of love and support and that new white noise that sounds a whole lot like “you can do this, keep going”.

Walking the mystical path with practical ethically made sensible shoes that also show a little bit of toe for effect.

This might be the first time you’ve experience tapping into Astrology for direction, the first time you’ve experienced Tarot, the first time you’ve experienced Energy Healing and you know what, that makes us so excited. Here’s why. Now more than ever we need new ways of looking at health and wellbeing and bringing this concept into your world and you want that to arrive without overwhelm or being told the old ways are wrong. They’re not wrong, they just need a little boost from some extra things. 

THIS is what we bring to you. We know that our work has a woo-woo factor of three, and the best part of that mixed in with our grounded analogical approach to teaching, is that NONE of it is going to make you want to hide in a corner with your garlic and crucifix. We have a really healthy regard for all belief systems, but most of all, we specialise in the human condition of being human without being shouty and pointing fingers demanding you SHOULD do stuff. No. This is a warm embrace from two women who get it saying ‘it’s ok, let us drive for a while, you enjoy the view – which translates to “watch your shit fly out the window and land on that fuck-it bus behind us”.      So. Much. Fun.

We teach that trauma means different things to different people. We teach that your definitions to any aspect of your life are just as valid as the next persons, even though they look different. What works for you, might not work for another person.

Maybe life has taken a turn that you weren’t expecting and you are in uncharted territory and you were always hopeless at reading maps.

Maybe life has gotten on top of you and all the traditional ways of handling things haven’t worked.

Maybe the same old same old isn’t giving you the results you’ve been used to and you are ready for something new with a game changing element. An element that will be described your secret weapon in no time.

We’d love for you to join us. Like so much. We are gathering a new tribe to forge the pathway to true soul level freedom in 2021.

What your membership covers will blow your mind.

24 Tarot Readings with Energy Healing Sessions, a Workbook and Live Sessions

  • a new moon session and full moon tarot reading with a dedicated unique energy healing session every month straight to your email – two sessions a month!
  • a comprehensive downloadable workbook and journal that will become a resource in years to come
  • astrology hints and tips from Shannon Hugman
  • quarterly live membership ZOOMS with live readings and Q&As
  • lifetime membership fee secured if you maintain your membership

Who Are We?

Amanda Foy

Master Energy Healer : Mentor

  • Professional master energy healer since 2009
  • 21 years multi-industry corporate in communications, administration and humaning
  • 35+ years Trio of Health experience
  • Creator of Anatomy of Awareness™
  • Wife and Mum
  • Traveller, without it my soul shrivels
  • Addicted to reading cook books
  • Obsessive researcher of dots to join, especially in science
  • Laughing is my favourite thing

Shannon Hugman

Astrologer : Award Winning Author

  • Professional astrologer since 2012
  • Author of the Amazon Bestseller, Analogies, Energies & Celestial Bodies
  • Contributor on Medium, Popsugar, Thought Catalogue, Thrive Global and The Master Shift
  • A millennial making sense of the Universe
  • Given thousands of astrology consultations
  • Favourite book is Bringers of the Dawn
  • Could guess people’s birthdays as a child
  • Loves sunsets travel, books, coffee and concerts