The Tarot Tune Up

Innovation in health choices need not be limited to clinical, sterile, white-coat driven scientific discoveries. Amanda is leading the way through education and action-driven, grounded solutions around a new merger of modalities to help you gain more information to be able to join more dots as to why life might not be as dreamy as you’d planned.  Merging Astrology, Tarot and Energy Healing, we will help you think outside the square, to add another dimension to your personal health and wellbeing journey.

What’s that saying again by the Greek Philosopher Plato? Necessity is the mother of invention?

2020 has proven one thing, we need something new to help make sense of the mess that landed in our proverbial laps this year. No one thing is going to give us all the answers, and even Medicine was caught off guard with everything.

The Tarot Tune Up is one of the biggest game changers in health and wellbeing for a really long time because we are showcasing to you what it looks like to live The Anatomy of Awareness™. The Tarot Tune Up is Level 1,2 and 3 in two sessions a month, together with teachers who embrace all forms of healing and wellbeing.

Our movement has been developed in a way that will not isolate any of your other health and wellbeing choices, rather support them and you to achieve greater outcomes. It is our philosophy that every health or life issue you have showing up out of the blue or recurring over and over again, is from a blocked trauma energy in your body. We will help you join the dots to find that blockage and remove it with a ground breaking and unique process that is The Tarot Tune Up.

Did you know you have three parts to your immune system?

  • A structural part
  • A chemical part
  • An emotional part

It’s what you’ll hear us refer to as the Trio of Health.

The Tarot Tune Up is the new concept to embrace, to understand, rectify and build your Emotional Immune System. This isn’t just Tarot Cards and an Energy Reading. This is joining the dots with loads of information you’d never have thought of or believed to help you get a better picture of what’s going on in your emotional, physical and spiritual world.

The process is here to fill a giant void that is the gap between mainstream health and natural health.

The Tarot Tune Up has been developed for people who are:

  • sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • tired of having years of therapy under their belt with little change
  • who are sick of having the same kinds of relationships show up
  • changing jobs every two years
  • poor relationships with family
  • always seeming to cop the rough end of the stick in life.
  • Self-aware, doing all they know how to do and want better results
  • And so much more…

The Tarot Tune Up and our combined processes and philosophies exist to help you take the guess work out of the “WHY?” all these bits of lack, and so much more, have shown up in your life.

The best part? The Tarot Tune Up is an extension to what you are already doing in your health and happiness process. You’ll not be isolated from any of the current choices you’ve made to do with your help and happiness.

Join us as we begin our world of measuring better outcomes for members in 2021. This year begins our research into changes physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Not with possibilities. Not with maybes.

Real dots joined. Real puzzles answered and no guessing.

Personal development mixed with health and wellbeing, can be really confusing.

In layman’s terms, there’s “stuff” that gets stuck in the cells in your body, the neural pathways become very well trodden, and a cellular footprint is the created that shows up as anything from a rash, headaches, insomnia, depression, to recurring tonsillitis, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease, all the way through to cancer.

That “stuff” is the foundation to all illness.

Every illness, every “stuck topic”, every reoccurring element of your life has a cellular footprint linked to something. To boot, it can be yours and it can be your parents, grand-parents or beyond. That’s genetic memory.

Amanda finds the ‘smoking gun’ through their gifts of being able to see where issues exist and then how they match to blockages in your body, then joining the dots together with every reference piece they have in their arsenal of joining dots. That arsenal also includes linking in to the Astrology and the patterns that show up across history. Expect dinner plate eyes when the matching dates are spoken for what’s going on in your today.